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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Painting Ceilings And Tall Walls: 3 Ways To Prepare The Rental Scaffolding

by Patricia Brooks

When painting ceilings or tall walls, your company will benefit from renting a rolling scaffolding unit that can be moved around with its castor-style wheels. This type of scaffolding will provide your workers with the platform needed to reach high places, like the ceiling, and will also create a safe environment. If you are merely renting the scaffolding unit, you will be responsible for returning the unit in its original condition; otherwise, you're responsible for the cost of repairs or cleaning. Working with paint can be messy. You don't want paint to get splattered all over the scaffolding, as you'll either have to clean the unit before returning it or pay for cleaning. Here are 3 tips on how you can prepare rental rolling scaffolding for extensive paint jobs.

Cover the Frame of the Scaffolding

If your painters aren't careful, they can easily drip primer, paint, and other liquids onto the scaffolding. Depending on how the paint falls, you might end up with splatters everywhere. On top of that, some paints are difficult to remove once they dry. If you don't want to spend endless hours scrubbing away any paint that has been accidentally dripped onto the frame, take time to cover the frame with plastic, some type of paper, or fabric before you begin painting.

You'll want to be particularly careful when covering the nooks and crannies of the frame, as it will be incredibly difficult to clean any paint that may have made its way into these areas.

Lay Rubber Mats on the Platform

Although the rolling scaffolding unit is fairly stable once the wheels are locked, the platform may still sway a bit. As most scaffolding units are made from metal, there really isn't any grip between the metal surface of the platform and any items you bring onto the platform. In short, it's easy for cans of paint or paintbrushes to slip and slide around the platform while you or your employees are working.

To prevent cans of paint or any equipment that you bring up from toppling over and creating a mess, lay rubber mats on the surface of the platform in order to get a bit more grip. The rubber will hold the cans of paint and the equipment that you bring along with you in place. In addition, even if you end up splashing some paint on the rubber mat when you're painting the ceiling, you can easily toss the mat out when the job is done. It's much easier to do that then to clean the rental scaffolding unit.

Place Newspapers Underneath the Scaffolding

Unfortunately, paint takes some time to dry and cure. It takes approximately 8 hours for oil-based interior paint to dry and approximately one hour for latex paint to dry. If you splash any of the paint on the ground, you don't want to run the risk of running the wheels of the scaffolding unit over the wet paint. The wet paint will get smudged all over the floor and will also coat the caster wheels. If the paint dries on the wheels, they can be difficult to clean as well. Place newspaper underneath the scaffolding unit to catch any and all unexpected drips.


Rolling scaffolding units are particularly useful for paint jobs, as they provide the platform painters need to get to high places. If you're renting the scaffolding, you'll want to be extra careful, as any mess that you make with the paint will be your responsibility. Take the time to prepare the scaffolding unit ahead of time, so that you can return the rental unit in its original condition. For more information, contact a company that provides scaffolding equipment rentals.