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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Keeping Employees Safe When Using Pallet Racks

by Patricia Brooks

If you just opened your own warehouse, you will most likely want to have an organizational system in place so you can find much-needed items at a moment's notice. Most warehouses will find using a pallet racking system is beneficial in keeping items at different levels, thereby saving on the amount of floor space used for inventory purposes. It is important to keep employees safe when they utilize this type of system. Here are some tips you can use in improving the safety of your pallet racks so there is less chance of an injury as a result.

Be Sure Pallet Racking Is Installed Properly And Maintained

If you do not construct your pallet racking properly, it is very likely shelving will not be secure enough to use on a daily basis. It is a good idea to have a professional do the assembling of your racking if possible. If you handle the job on your own, double-check that all uprights are bolted securely to the floor. Make it a habit to check the bolts periodically so you can tighten them when necessary. All rivets used should be snug as well.

Use Barriers To Protect Users From Impact

If you have a forklift within your warehouse to haul larger items or pallets of materials from place to place, it is likely at some point an operator will strike your pallet racking system with the vehicle by accident. To alleviate the potential for an injury to the driver or damage to the forklift, adding protection to the corners of the pallet racking will be beneficial. This will give added stability to the legs of the system, making it less likely upper tiers will topple or break away from lower ones.

Post protectors are made from a rigid rubber, helping to reduce the impact of the weight of the machine as a result. Steel guards can also be positioned a few inches away from the pallet racks to aid in keeping forklifts from mistakenly getting too close to a racking system.

Watch How Items Are Stacked On The System

It is very important to make sure the weight of the items you will be stacking on a pallet racking system is not in excess of the recommendations per the system's manufacturer. Not only is the maximum weight a concern, but the distribution of this weight should be noted as well. Do not allow an employee to put too much weight on one portion of the system. Uneven distribution can cause bending of the steel frame or sagging of shelving. Employees should also keep the heaviest items near the base of the system for security reasons. 

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