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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Cold Rolled Steel Protection In Storage

by Patricia Brooks

Storing extra cold rolled steel ensures you don't have to rush to order more at the last minute, but it also requires you to care for the stored steel properly. If you don't, the extra steel can corrode and become useless to you. Sometimes the problem can be eliminated with one action, but other potential causes of damage require constant monitoring.

Rust Protection

Rust is your biggest problem with cold rolled steel. Coating the steel with a thin layer of oil designed to block out moisture is one of the better ways to protect against rust; also store the steel in its original packaging, if the packaging arrives undamaged. Keeping the humidity in the storage area at reasonable levels is essential, as moisture in the air is your biggest source of rust.

Racks and Pressure

Get racks that are designed to hold the type of cold-rolled steel you order. Stacking the bundles any which way you can will lead to physical damage and potentially make it harder to extract the bundles when you need to use the steel. Stack rolls in a single layer to avoid placing excessive pressure on each bundle, and ensure they can't roll off the rack. Bolt the rack to both the floor and wall (if the rack is next to a wall), and install restraints to hold the steel on each shelf. If you are situated in a quake zone, keep rack height fairly low.

Pest Control

Pests are not going to eat steel, but they can nest around it if you leave the steel unattended and in an untidy area. Pests can range from rodents to spiders who just want a dark, quiet place to hide, undisturbed by humans. Clean the area around the steel on a regular, frequent basis, and be careful when reaching into piles of steel. Inspect around the rolls you want to remove just to be sure nothing is hiding and preparing to defend its territory against an intruding human hand.

The manufacturer from whom you get your steel may have storage accessories available; while you don't have to stick to the same seller, getting storage supplies from the same manufacturer can help you keep the steel in better shape. That's because the storage supplies will be designed to work well with the particular bundles of steel as produced by that manufacturer. Always check about shipping charges and installation help for the racks. To learn more, contact a company like A & C Metals - Sawing.