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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Fiberglass Scaffolding: The Benefits Of Purchasing Fiberglass Scaffolding Over Other Materials

by Patricia Brooks

When you need to reach places that are high up and difficult to get to, it's time to invest in scaffolding. While there are a number of types of scaffolding available to consumers, one of the most effective and versatile types of scaffolding is that made of fiberglass. Whether you are working in an environment where there is a risk of electrical shock, or you need to get really creative with the scaffolding you set up, fiberglass gives you adaptability you will need in a wide variety of situations. When you need the strength of steel but not the weight or electrical conductivity, it's time to consider fiberglass scaffolding for your next project.

Fiberglass Does Not Conduct Electricity

In many construction sites or renovation projects where scaffolding is needed, the risk of electrocution can exist. When you need to build scaffolding around live wires, using scaffolding of steel can be very dangerous. Steel conducts electricity, which is going to greatly reduce your risk of an electrical shock around hazards. Fiberglass does not conduct electricity, and can therefore accidentally touch a live wire without causing a dangerous situation.

Fiberglass Is Lighter to Carry

If you have a large scaffolding unit to set up, fiberglass is much lighter than steel. While this may not make a difference if only a few pieces are used, it will make a huge difference if the scaffolding is complex. Add in the need to carry the scaffolding up several flights of stairs, and you may be exhausted before you even begin to set up to get to work. Fiberglass scaffolding is just as effective as steel, yet it is much easier to handle.

Fiberglass Scaffolding Is Resistant to Corrosion

When you have to set up scaffolding outside, steel scaffolding is more susceptible to corrosion from the elements. Over time, steel scaffolding that is outdoors will begin to rust, making it more difficult to take the scaffolding apart again. When you use fiberglass scaffolding, it is highly resistant to corrosion and it doesn't rust. You won't have the same problems trying to get fiberglass scaffolding apart that you will with steel.

When you are gearing up for a big project and considering your scaffolding options, fiberglass scaffolding is a wise decision. It will last longer over time, as it is resistant to rust and corrosion. You'll be able to be more creative, as it's more versatile, and you won't get an electric shock because it doesn't conduct electricity. For more information, contact companies like Advanced Scaffold Solutions.