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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

How To Keep Your Heating Oil Tank In Good Shape

by Patricia Brooks

Too many people have their heating oil tanks set up and then they forget about them, other than when it comes time to have more heating oil delivered. However, it is vital that you are taking a little bit of time to do a few things that will ensure that the tanks will last for a long time. Not only will this mean you will not have to pay for a replacement tank anytime soon, but you will not have to worry as much about wasting oil from holes that develop in some tanks. Here are some of the things you will want to do:

Put Up Some Walls Around The Tank

The walls do not have to perfectly connect and you do not want for them to be right up against the tank. However, you need the walls to be tall enough so they are a little higher than the top of your heating oil tank. The purpose of the walls is to prevent the strong winds from beating against the sides of your tank. Even if you do not think that the wind itself could be a problem, it is sometimes what is blown around in the wind that is the issue. You do not want large sticks or the neighbor's garbage cans blowing over and bouncing off of the side of your tank. So build these walls yourself or install a few panels of privacy fencing.

Have The Interior Professionally Cleaned

Cleaning the inside of your heating oil tank is something that should always be done by a professional. It should be done every few years so the contractor will have a chance to thoroughly inspect the inside of the tank. If he or she spots any damage, such as rust starting to form, repairs can be made before the rust eats all of the way through the metal.

Check And Secure Damaged Legs

The tank holds a lot of weight and even though it was designed to do so, you will want to make sure that you are checking the stability of the legs on it. If they are starting to show signs of wear or tension, you will want to secure them with industrial strength brackets. In fact, you can actually do this well before any signs of trouble, just to make sure that there won't be any issues.

Keep The Snow Off Of The Top

If you are in a region that gets a lot of snow, you will want to make sure that you are occasionally going outside to brush the snow off of the top of the tank. You can easily do this with a broom, as this will give you the extra reach that might have been difficult for you to get if you were using something smaller.

With those few tips in mind, you will have a much easier time keeping your heating oil tank in excellent shape.