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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Make Sure You're Fully Protected: How To Maintain Your Safety When Operating Press Brakes

by Patricia Brooks

If you're going to be working with a press brake, you've got to take steps to ensure your safety. While working with any type of heavy equipment can be dangerous, press brakes come with their own significant hazards. Before you start working with a press brake, here are some safety measure you should always follow.

Know Your Machine

Before you start operating your first press brake machine, it's crucial that you obtain the proper training. Knowing the machines you'll be working with can help you avoid devastating accidents. Not only that, but it's also important that you proceed slowly whenever switching machines. You may know how your machine operates, but the next one may function a little differently. Those minor differences can lead to serious consequences if you're not prepared for the changes. Whenever you switch machines, spend some time acquainting yourself with the differences.

Follow Safety Protocol

Now that you'll be operating a press brake, make sure you understand, and follow, the safety protocol There should be specific guidelines displayed in your place of employment. Know what the safety protocol is, and don't deviate from it. One of the most important safety steps you can remember is to always warm your machine up before use during the winter months. The cold temperatures can interfere with the proper operation of the machine and can lead to serious accidents. If you find that you don't have time to warm up your machine properly before the start of your shift, be sure to arrive several minutes early each day. This will give you the time you need to ensure proper safety.

Always Wear Your Protective Gear

When operating a press brake, it's essential that you wear the proper protective gear. This type of machinery can cause serious injuries to your hands, face and eyes. Not only that, but flying debris can lead to deadly consequences, especially when workers aren't wearing their protective gear. To fully protect yourself, never operate your press brake without safety goggles, heavy-duty work gloves, steel-toed boots and a hard hat.

If you'll be operating a press brake, don't take chances with your safety. The information provided here will help you avoid serious accidents while you're on the job. For other information on worksite safety, be sure to speak to your site foreman. They can ensure that you get the training you need to stay safe on the job.