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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Organize Materials Inside Of The Canning Facility That You Own

by Patricia Brooks

If you are perturbed because your employees repeatedly misplace their identification badges, uniform accessories, and hand tools and supplies that are used to prepare canned goods in the factory that you own, you realize that time is money and that a disorganized facility can cut into production and cause your workers to take longer than necessary to complete job duties. Implement the strategies below to organize items in the facility.

Use A Pegboard And Hooks

If your employees are currently responsible for keeping track of the items issued to them and you allow each person to bring their badges, uniforms, and accessories home with them at the end of each shift, change your policy and tell your employees that items cannot be removed from the premises any longer.

Hang a pegboard alongside one of the walls in the facility's breakroom and install hooks next to it. Purchase garment bags and hangers prior to holding a meeting.

During the meeting, point out the new additions to your workers and tell them that they are to hang their identification badges from the pegs and use the garment bags and hangers to secure uniforms and accessories before hanging them from one of the hooks. At the beginning of each shift, each person can collect their belongings, and at the end of each shift, items can be placed back inside of the breakroom.

Assign Pouches And Cubbies

Hand tools and additional supplies that are necessary for a worker to complete their job duties should be placed inside of waterproof pouches. Purchase plenty of pouches, labels, and a unit that contains several cubbies.

Hand out the pouches and labels and instruct your employees to place all of the items needed to complete their job duties inside of the pouches at the end of each shift. Assign a cubby for each worker. Before heading home for the night, visually inspect the cubbies to ensure that all of the materials are stored inside of the appropriate compartments. 

Designate An Area For Cleaning And Packaging Supplies

Besides keeping personal work materials organized, other items inside of the facility that are utilized by everyone should be stored in their proper locations. Designate an area for cleaning and packaging supplies. Tell your workers that their stations need to be cleaned at the end of each day and that you expect all of the materials that were used throughout a shift to be put away so that they can easily be retrieved the following day.

Hold your workers accountable by writing them up or assigning them additional tasks if they fail to heed your advice. After being reprimanded, employees may get their act together and make sure that they follow the instructions that you have given them. For more information, contact a company like TFA.