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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Look For Thermoplastic Pipe Hangers For Better Efficiency And Control

by Patricia Brooks

The hangers you use for pipes on and inside the walls and ceiling of a building have to stay in place and vibrate as little as possible. Materials like metal can be very strong and very good in these respects, but thermoplastic pipe hangers are better-suited for many applications and situations. Metal is a good material, but the manufacturing process that thermoplastics go through can make them stronger in some respects.

You Can Customize These

You can buy already made hangers, of course, but some companies will custom-make hangers for you if they have the capability to mold them. This ensures a better fit for the specific pipes you have and allows you to create hangers that might be thicker or shaped a bit differently than the standard ones you find in stores. If you need hangers in bulk, you can find some good deals; if you need just a few, all customized, however, discuss costs with the company making them for you.

They're Excellent for Lighter-Weight Applications

Thermoplastic pipe hangers can be more cost-efficient than metal hangers and be a lot more lightweight as well. That is good when you can't add a lot of extra weight to a wall but need to use a lot of hangers to keep pipes in place. It's also an advantage when the pipes are lightweight themselves. There's no reason to spring for metal hangers meant for very heavy pipes when you're only hanging PVC pipes containing gas.

Vibrations and Impacts Aren't as Devastating

Thermoplastic pipe hangers can transmit vibrations and suffer from impacts, just as any other material could. However, they may be better at reducing vibrations and withstanding lighter impacts than some metals or other plastics. If you have the wall the pipes are on adjacent to machinery that would not function well due to excessive vibrations from other fixtures, and you think the pressure from the fluid traveling through the pipe might make the pipes vibrate or shake a bit, a thermoplastic pipe hanger could add a bit of insulation and vibration control, thus preventing at least some of the vibrations from the pipe from traveling into the other machinery.

Remember, thermoplastics are not the same as all plastics. Be sure that the pipe hangers you're buying or having made specifically use thermoplastic material. Discuss the conditions the pipes will be in (heat, moisture, and so on) to ensure you get the right material for your needs.