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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Why Liquid Rings Make For An Awesome Vacuum Pump Design

by Patricia Brooks

Vacuum pumps are used in a great variety of industries, including the mining industry, oil and gas industry, and marine industry. Many of these vacuum pumps feature a traditional sealing ring made from rubber or silicone. But there is another option. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are becoming increasingly common. They use liquid to fill and seal the chamber in which the pump rotates. So, what are the benefits of this design, and what makes liquid rings such a great choice for vacuum pump design? Take a look.

Impurities won't ruin the seal.

With a traditional sealing ring, impurities that come through the pump can cause issues. They can abrade the seal or get stuck on it. This is not an issue with a liquid seal. The impurities will just get rinsed out through the discharge space that is built into the design. This makes liquid rings a good choice in industries where the liquid flowing through the pump is inherently dirty — like the mining industry, for example.

The liquid also acts as a coolant.

Having a pump overheat can be a major concern. It may shut down operations for hours, or even for days. Pumps with a liquid seal cool themselves very effectively. The liquid does not heat up as a rubber seal might, and it also keeps all of the surrounding components at a reasonable temperature.

These pumps are easy to maintain.

In a pump that has a liquid seal ring, there are fewer parts to maintain. You won't have to have the seal replaced like you would if the pump had a rubber or silicone seal. The only real moving part to maintain is the rotor, and rotors are pretty simple apparatuses with ball bearings and a shaft. This will decrease the amount of time and money you spend on pump maintenance — which can be really significant if you have multiple pumps.

Liquid rings are good for the planet.

Choosing a pump with a liquid ring decreases the amount of rubber that is used, which is a good thing because rubber is not biodegradable. These pumps are also more energy-efficient, which is another way in which they are good for the planet.

If you need to buy some pumps for your business, you should look closely at those with liquid ring seals. They have a lot of benefits, which are described above, and which a sales rep will be happy to discuss with you in more detail.