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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Advice For Ordering Diamond Tooling From A Manufacturer

by Patricia Brooks

When you have some demanding fabrication needs, such as cutting and grinding tough materials, you need a tool that can handle the job well. That is what diamond tooling affords, which you can order from a manufacturer after considering these suggestions.

Make Sure Bond Is Appropriate

The bond material of a diamond tool is important to look over because it is this substance that keeps the diamond makeup in place. You will find a couple of varieties that include soft, medium, and hard-metal bonds. You ideally need to get a bond that corresponds with the materials you are fabricating with diamond tools.

For instance, if you are cutting into a very hard material like steel, hard-metal bonds will be necessary for having diamond tooling that lasts and provides optimal work. Whereas if you have to manipulate softer materials like aluminum, you can rely on medium and soft-metal bonds.

Look for Quality Diamonds

The reason why diamond tools are able to manipulate all kinds of materials effectively is that they feature diamonds, a very hard substance that you can depend on. However, this is only true if you get diamonds that are high-quality. Look over this aspect when assessing diamond tooling manufacturers.

What type of diamonds do they incorporate into their tools and where do they come from? You need to track these manufacturing details to have a better understanding of the diamond tooling quality you are getting. Things like thorough inspections and honest manufacturing processes can help you find out about diamond quality. 

Review Fracturing Tendencies

A new diamond tool may start off working great, but in order for it to keep giving you optimal fabrication, you need to review the diamond tool's fracturing tendencies. Then you'll know how long a diamond tool can last. Fracturing tendencies are just how diamonds reform throughout fabrication. 

New sections of diamonds need to be properly exposed after fracturing in order for diamond tooling to remain effective. This cycle should continue until the tooling reaches the end of its life cycle. To make these assessments, speak with a tooling manufacturer to see what designs they've included to provide optimal fracturing.

Diamond tools give you far more capabilities when it comes to things like grinding, cutting, and drilling. You can reap tooling benefits for a long time too if you know how to set up the search and ordering process with a diamond tool manufacturer