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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

How Can You Tell If Your Hydraulic Cylinder Has a Leak?

by Patricia Brooks

Cylinders play a key role in the smooth running of hydraulic systems. These parts help drive a system and keep it working to optimum capacity. So, if a cylinder develops a problem, then it could affect all your hydraulics.

Leaks are a common cylinder problem. These leaks can be external or internal. How can you tell if you need a hydraulic leak repair?

Signs of External Leaks in Hydraulic Cylinders

External leaks are easier to spot than internal ones. If your cylinder isn't intact, then fluid will come out of the cylinder.

For example, a hydraulic machine with a cylinder leak might have drops or puddles of fluid on or under the cylinder. If you clean up these fluids, they'll usually come back again if the cylinder has been breached by a leak.

These fluids are a safety hazard if they pool together on the floor in a work environment. Someone could easily slip on even a few drops of hydraulic fluid.

Plus, external fluid leaks are also a sign that your hydraulics can't work to optimum efficiency. If your cylinder is losing fluid on a constant basis, then it can't run smoothly.

Your hydraulics might lose some power and efficiency. If you lose too much fluid, then dry areas could damage parts leading to potentially expensive repairs. If this makes your operating pressure levels go down, then parts of your system could fail because their stress levels will be too high.

Signs of Internal Leaks in Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders often have purpose-designed leakage inside them. These leaks lubricate parts of the cylinder and its connected parts. They are supposed to be there.

However, cylinders sometimes develop internal leaks due to broken or damaged seals, rods, or parts. These leaks shouldn't be there. You aren't likely to see any fluid on or under the cylinder but will only notice a problem when the cylinder starts to work less efficiently or erratically.

For example, internal leaks can make cylinders drift. Here, a leak around an internal part, such as a piston, might affect the way fluid flows around the cylinder. The cylinder might make erratic rather than smooth movements. Or, it might look misaligned. In some cases, the cylinder might not be able to hold weight.

If you're worried that you might have a leak, then contact a hydraulic cylinder repair service. They can check your cylinder for problems and suggest suitable solutions to fix any damage.