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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing A Stainless Steel Table With Sink For Your Restaurant's Kitchen

by Patricia Brooks

Whether you are just getting started with setting up your restaurant's kitchen or doing an extensive remodel, you may have decided that you need a new table with a sink for food prep. You may have already decided that you want one made from stainless steel but are unsure of what else you need to know when making your selection.

If you are having trouble selecting a table, you can start by asking yourself about how it will be used. Below are a couple of questions to help get you started when trying to choose a stainless steel table for your restaurant's kitchen.

1. Will Heavy Boxes of Food or Supplies Be Placed on the Table Regularly?

One question you should ask yourself before buying a food prep table with a sink already installed has to do with the weight it will be subjected to. Will you only be using the table for lightweight objects, such as individual portions and settings? Or, will the table routinely have heavy boxes of food and supplies set on it?

Once you know how much weight the table will need to hold, you can examine the gauge of the steel for each potential one. The lower the number of the gauge, the higher the weight capacity of the table. If you need a table that is heavy-duty, you should find one with the lowest gauge number possible.

2. Do You Need the Underside of the Table for Additional Storage?

Another question to ask yourself is whether you will need to use the underside of the table for additional storage. If you plan on just placing boxes under the table, you would not need shelves.

However, if you want to be able to organize utensils, small supply boxes, and other essentials, you should find a table with shelves installed. If shelves are installed, there should be cross bars on the legs to help stabilize the table to keep it from shifting.

Before you buy a new prep table for your restaurant's kitchen, asking yourself questions about how it will be used every day can help you choose features that will be the most beneficial. If you need a heavy-duty table with storage space underneath, for example, you would want the stainless steel table and shelves to be the lowest-numbered gauge possible with cross bars reinforcing the legs. For more assistance with making the ideal choice for your restaurant's needs, contact a supply company to speak with someone about helping you select a stainless steel table with a sink for the kitchen.