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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Rental Boiler Models

by Patricia Brooks

While a commercial boiler is being serviced, a business owner may decide to rent a backup boiler. A rental boiler will provide consistent heat that will reduce downtime costs. Learn about some of the boiler models that you can rent.

Transportable Models

Commercial boilers that are rented out are typically secured to a trailer or a skid. This type of setup supports transporting a boiler. Boiler equipment won't need to be unloaded, since it will be mounted directly to a trailer or a skid.

A rental business may also feature boiler rooms. These small rooms are designed to be mobile and will each contain a commercial boiler that is ready to use once it has been delivered. Transportable models won't take up valuable space within a commercial facility. A rental boiler can be set up adjacent to the facility where the equipment will be utilized.

Power Source

Rental equipment includes fully-electric models. An electric model does not produce any emissions. If working in a clean environment is a must, renting an electric model will provide essential heat, without affecting the air quality where business operations are being conducted.

Some rental boilers may require the use of natural gas, oil, or hydrogen-based fuel. A rental company will be responsible for maintaining each piece of equipment that they rent out. Boilers are inspected and cleaned on a frequent basis. The maintenance that is performed ensures that a boiler operates as it is expected to, each time that a customer has a rental in their possession.

Rental Agreement

A company that rents out boiler equipment will require you to sign a rental equipment agreement. The agreement will highlight the boiler model and accessories that will temporarily be in your possession. The agreement will outline how much money you are being charged for the rental equipment. The agreement will list all of the services that the rental company will furnish.

The rental equipment that you secure may not come with the fuel that you will need to operate the boiler. The company that you do business with will specify how they handle the refueling of the equipment.

Care Requirements

A boiler rental business may rent out equipment on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It will be your responsibility to keep rental equipment in operable order while it is in your possession. If the rental boiler fails to operate while it is in your possession, contact the owner of the rental company.