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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

3 Upgrades To Make To Used Boilers To Improve Overall Efficiency

by Patricia Brooks

When purchasing used boilers, there's a good chance that you'll be getting an older model or design that does not have as much energy efficient technology incorporated into the design as you'd like. There are many parts and components that you can upgrade in order to improve the overall efficiency of the boiler system and reduce energy expenses. Here are 3 specific upgrades that are easy to install, inexpensive and capable of making a huge difference in improving overall efficiency.

A High Turndown Burner

Older versions and models of burners are typically slow to respond to load changes because they cannot efficiently maintain proper steam pressure and water pressure since they are continuously turning on and off. By upgrading to a high turndown burner, you will be able to increase the overall energy efficiency of the system by reducing purge losses, improving responses to load changes, improving steam pressure and water temperature control, and reducing the effects of thermal shock.

High turndown burners are easy to install and generally build upon the original burner already incorporated into the system. By making this upgrade, you can avoid having to completely replace older and less efficient burners, which can be rather costly.

An Economizer

Older, used boilers also typically have poor heat recovery systems in place. If this is the case, you will want to install an economizer, as it can reduce fuel consumption by 5.5% to 9%. This upgrade will basically pay for itself within one year. With this said, an economizer is basically a heat exchanger that is installed to the exchange stack of the boiler system. It will regulate airflow being introduced, recirculated or exhausted from the boiler system. It basically recovers heat exhausted and recycles it within the system, so that energy is conserved. 

Depending on the type of boiler system you are using, you can choose to install either a heavy duty economizer, an on-demand economizer or a dual stage economizer. These economizers are further separated into two categories: standard or condensing. The type of economizer that is most suited for your system will depend on the type of fuel used and the operating conditions. 

Variable-Speed Controls

Another cost-efficient upgrade that will significantly improve overall efficiency of the boiler system involves installing variable-speed controls to the boiler feed pumps. In general, older, used boiler models are not as fine-tuned, and there will be some discrepancies in regards to their operating range. Variable-speed controls ensure that the motors of the boilers can only operate at a specific speed for certain settings. This ensures that the boiler system will operate under optimal conditions at all times to save energy.

The type of controls that you need will be dependent on the operating conditions of your system. The motor speed set should be carefully calculated for maximum output, so it's important to take the type of fuel that is used by the system and the horsepower of the boiler system into account when choosing appropriate variable-speed controls. 


You'll save a lot of money if you purchased a used boiler rather than a new one. Depending on the type of model purchased, the used boiler may not have all of upgrades needed to fine-tune the system. Take a peek at the type of parts that the boiler system possesses, and upgrade areas that are still considered to be inefficient. Most of these upgrades are typically quite cost-efficient and easy to do, and the parts will pay for themselves by reducing the overall operation costs of the boiler. Improving the overall efficiency of a used boiler system is a lot easier than you'd think.  

Talk to a boiler supplier or click here for info about used boilers and different upgrades available.