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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Installation For Life Support Systems: Special Considerations For Antarctic Research Facilities

by Patricia Brooks

Installation for life support systems varies across different locations and structures. In hospitals, for example, heating and ventilation systems must all be connected to separate rooms and separate floors to deter grave contagious diseases from spreading. These special considerations are necessary for many other locations and life support systems too. Here are the special considerations for life support systems in Antarctic research facilities:


Clearly, warmth is a major factor in determining the heating facilities at an Antarctic base of operations. Here, the temperature barely rises above freezing in "summer" and dips well below negative eighty degrees Fahrenheit in winter. The heat needed to sustain human life has to be extremely effective and equally efficient, a project that requires engineering ingenuity on a massive scale. Since there are no wood, oil, propane, or gas deliveries that can help, heating here is entirely electrical. That means that the source of electricity has to be continuous and without fail.


Research facilities in Antarctica only see daylight six months of the year. The rest of the time, this southern pole is shrouded in darkness. Light is crucial both to the research and to the research crew. Natural sunlight lamps are also crucial to staving off depression since most humans cannot bear to go without sunlight for that many months and not reap some very negative emotional, physical, and psychological effects. All of the electricity for the base comes from the same source, which is typically an industrial-sized power generator and/or a well-built powerhouse for electricity. Without either, the research here would be entirely sunk.

Air Circulation

Proper air circulation, in conjunction with the injection of moisture and oxygen, keeps the scientists alive. Very special life support systems are developed for these operations. Large tanks of oxygen are installed at intervals into the facilities so that the scientists are not breathing the same stale air day after day and do not become dizzy from the higher rate of carbon dioxide. Moisture is also necessary since the air at the southern pole is exceedingly dry. The winds in the blizzards here carry away any chance of moisture, and what little there is is immediately frozen in mid-air.

Energy-Saving Regulatory Panels

To keep energy costs down and still sustain human life under these harsh conditions, the entire facility requires energy-saving regulatory panels. The scientists can access these panels to turn up heat or turn it down. They can increase moisture or decrease it. If people are feeling dizzy and disoriented, there is a control for increasing oxygen too.