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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Always Rely On Industrial-Grade Pipes For Your Industrial Space

by Patricia Brooks

To the average layperson, plumbing is plumbing. However, this is not the case, particularly when it comes to residential and industrial plumbing. If you are designing or operating in an industrial space, it's important to understand that you can't rely on residential options to meet your needs. Learn just some of the reasons why industrial grade plumbing is required.

Greater Damage Control

When you think about the average home, a single busted pipe could lead to significant damage, but when you consider an industrial space, the sheer magnitude of the plumbing fixtures and size of the space makes it clear to see that even a single busted pipe could cause catastrophic damage.

So, the main goal would be to avoid this type of mishap altogether and to eliminate this stressful experience. One of the greatest threats that come along with using the wrong kind of plumbing components in an industrial space is damage due to the wrong type of design.

Industrial fixtures are designed to withstand the rigors of day-to-day use without resulting in a loss, but they are also rated for chemical exposure and intense heat, which many residential options are not rated for. The average residential pipe or line does not have the ability to withstand this type of exposure and will likely result in costly damage. 


In addition to the ability to handle various types of contents within the pipes and lines, industrial plumbing is also designed to withstand a higher level of usage. In the average home, the plumbing system is only supporting the flushing of a few toilets, a couple of showers, a dishwashing cycle and maybe a load of laundry.

However, in an industrial space, you can multiply this by 100. In addition to the plumbing needs of the employees, the systems used in the area are working much harder than a residential system would ever have to. With this idea alone, the thought of using a residential system wouldn't make any sense. Industrial plumbing systems are designed to withstand higher amounts of daily wear without resulting in damage.

This won't just make your day-to-day operations run more smoothly and efficiently, but it can also help you cut down on your operating expenses since you'll be less likely to make repairs and the piping will last longer.

Make sure you aren't relying on residential-grade pipes for your industrial space. An industrial plumbing professional can assist you.