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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Keys To Having A Successful Used Lift Truck Purchase For Material Handling

by Patricia Brooks

If you have to transport a lot of materials or heavy objects, getting a used lift truck (forklift) is a great idea. You then won't have to work as hard and you'll be even safer. You just need to take these steps when going after this special type of lifting machinery.

Have Demonstrations Performed by the Seller

Getting a used forklift could mean that some of the components are not perfect. As long as problems are mainly superficial, you have nothing to worry about but you need to verify this before putting money down. Have the owner of the used lift truck perform demonstrations with the lift truck you're thinking about buying.

They should perform all of the actions that are relevant to your industry. Then you'll know pretty quick if the used lift truck is effective and safe or if there are too many mechanical problems that aren't worth pursuing. 

Consider a Local Dealer or Seller First

If you have the option to buy a used lift truck locally, then that's probably the best way to handle this material handling equipment purchase. Local sellers and dealers will be a lot easier to work with.

You can show up in person and look at their used lift truck inventory. You also will have an easier time having the forklift you do end up purchasing shipped out. The costs will be dramatically lower too compared to if you purchased a used lift truck from a seller that's far away. 

Ensure There Isn't Too Much Structural Damage

Most used lift trucks will have a couple of scratches and potentially dents on the side, but that is okay as long as there isn't major structural damage. You need to keep this on your mind when going through the search process for one of these machines.

The frame that the used lift truck is on needs to be sound and so does the body that surrounds the operator. Be very thorough during your inspection too so that you're able to identify all instances of structural damage. Then you'll know which used lift trucks are capable of holding up and being safe to operate.

If you need a forklift to facilitate the transportation of certain materials, going after used models will save you some money. You won't pay the price in terms of condition or performance either as long as you are capable of handling the inspection and buying process correctly. 

For more information, contact a supplier that has used lift trucks for sale.