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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Rebar Makes Concrete Stronger

by Patricia Brooks

Rebar is a name given to steel bars that are used in concrete fabrication. When the concrete is poured, the rebar is placed in the concrete so that it reinforces the concrete and makes it stronger. 

Rebar Positions

Rebar can be placed differently depending on what kind of purpose the cement is going to have. When you are using something as a footer or building a wall with concrete, then you want to place the bars in a vertical manner. Doing this will tie several layers of cement together which is going to make everything stronger. The rebar can be staggered so that different pieces go in at different levels so that the walls are always anchored. If the cement project is something like a driveway, the rebar may be something like a grid that is laid horizontally so that the cement is stronger that way. There are several benefits to using rebar in any cement project. 

Easy Installation

In general, rebar is fairly easy to install. It may be harder when it is being placed in things like footers because there may need to be holes dug for the rebar to go into so that they can be held up straight while the cement is being poured. In other situations, like in a wall, the cement starts getting poured. While the cement is being poured, the rebar can be installed by pushing it down into the cement. It has to happen before cement starts to dry, otherwise, the rebar isn't going to work the way that it should. 


Another benefit to using rebar in any cement product is that it is going to make the concrete last longer. The stronger the product is in general, the longer it is going to last. So, if you have a rebar grid laid in your driveway before the concrete is fully poured, you are going to have a stronger driveway. It will hold more weight, it shouldn't shift or settle, and it should last longer without cracks. 

If you have any kind of cement project happening at your house, you might want to think about adding rebar into the mix. Doing that is going to have a lot of benefits that you can take advantage of. Check with the contractor doing your job to make sure that they are going to put rebar into your new driveway, patio, porch, or driveway.  

Contact a company that offers rebar installation services for more info.