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Finding and Buying Used Industrial Equipment

Why Are Air Tools Safer Than Electric Tools?

by Patricia Brooks

If you can't decide whether to buy air or electric tools, then it's worth factoring safety into your decision-making process. Air tools have some safety benefits over electric products. They could keep your workers safer and reduce the risk of accidents.

What are the safety benefits of using air tools?

Reduced Operator Fatigue

Electric tools are heavier than air tools. They contain more internal parts because they have to convert an external electric power supply to run.

This extra weight can be a problem. While your workers might not have problems using heavier tools on smaller or shorter jobs, these tools can pose a risk if people have to use them for long periods or on more physically demanding work such as grinding or drilling.

If someone has to hold a heavy tool for a long time, then they will get physically tired at some point. They might suffer from stress-related injuries if they struggle to control a heavy tool such as a grinder. Plus, other tools, such as drills, can expose people to excessive vibrations and noise. Both of these issues can lead to physical problems such as circulation and hearing difficulties.

In some cases, operator fatigue can cause accidents. For example, if someone can't hold a heavy tool securely enough to control it, then the tool might slip and cause a serious injury to the operator or to someone close by.

Air tools don't contain as many parts as electric products. They run on compressed air, so they need fewer moving internal parts. This makes them lighter and easier to use even for long periods or on heavy jobs. Your workers will be less likely to suffer from physical problems or to cause accidental injuries to themselves or other people.

Reduced Risk of Electrical Accidents

If your tools are powered by electricity, then you run the risk of electrical accidents in some scenarios. These tools create sparks; they run on an electrical current.

So, for example, if a tool comes into contact with moisture or a liquid, then its operator could get an electric shock if the tool isn't completely insulated. A frayed or broken wire could cause problems here. Plus, even a tiny spark could ignite flammable liquids.

Air tools are safer to use in hazardous conditions. They don't use any electricity, so they won't give out shocks in wet conditions or create sparks.

For more information, contact industrial air tools suppliers.